It's not just about music tuition

RECORDING - Abbey Street not only provides instrumental tuition but the means to record your music. Our project studio runs Pro Tools, the professional software used to record music in studios the world over and Ableton Live, the performance software used by DJs and music artists to create live and studio recordings.  If you want to further your learning of making music using these amazing creative tools, Abbey Street can show you how, in dedicated one-on-one sessions. If you want to make a recording, you can do that too - Abbey Street provides professional sound recording, anything from a quick demo to putting together an entire album.

PERFORMANCE - Each studio at Abbey Street is a dedicated performance space completely set up for the playing of music, complete with p.a. system and microphones, drums, keyboards, guitars, bass and amplifiers. Here you can hone your craft with your tutor, and we can provide advice on microphone technique, setting up and plugging in your equipment, the art of performance and stage craft - we'll even show you how to roll up a mic lead correctly so the sound engineer becomes your best friend.

COMPOSITION AND ARRANGING - As experienced performing musicians and composers, we can also can advise on songcraft and how to get the best out of your compositions. All tutors at Abbey Street have many years of experience in the writing and arrangement of music, from the crafting of simple songs to orchestral scores, both in notation and created live in the studio. 

GRAPHIC DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY - Peter at Abbey Street Music is a long-standing graphic artist and photographer, having worked for many years in the music street press (Revolver and Drum Media magazines) and entertainment promotions in Sydney (Millmaine Entertainment). As well as designing through his own business Immediate Design, he also creates promotional material for events through P.S. Productions and has years of experience in designing CD covers, posters, logos and other graphics for the music industry clients. Ask about our very reasonable rates for graphic design and photography.

On recording at Abbey Street...

It has been a real pleasure to work with you over the last twelve months or so, I can't thank you enough for all your help and guidance on this project. Your musical talent combined with your experience has had a strong positive effect, not only on the project but also on me. I have tried to take in as much as I could along the way and do believe I have grown through this process as well. Linton Jones, singer/songwriter, Embracing Time

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